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About a bird
Cardinal at window.JPG

Once, there was a persistent red cardinal who would perch on the cherry tree outside our studio and peck incessantly at the window.  He would come and go for weeks on end to flutter about and carry on with his noisome chatter.

It would be easy to dismiss this happenstance occurrence. And so we went about our work with the occasional interruption from our feathered friend.  Eventually the pecking stopped. For days, for weeks, for months. The little red cardinal we had grown fond of was gone.

In time the cherry tree shed its leaves and slept through the winter. Spring arrived with the cherry blossoms.  And then suddenly a familiar tap sounded on the window.  Our long lost red friend had returned!  His plumage still a brilliant red.

This time we took notice and paused to consider that perhaps this was a sign with more significant meaning. And so we reflected and named our business Red Bird Studio in homage to our red friend. We set out with a new studio focus to create original bench-made items of simple beauty and utility for home and garden.  

All this...because we were inspired by a little red bird.

Cardinal Flapping Wings.JPG
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